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This section applies to companies starting  their journey for advocacy,  and can serve as a reminder for more advanced companies


Your are willing to create a real and sustainable change by supporting excluded Youth in finding a decent work

However, this is not an action field of your company for now, and you would like to introduce this new topic to your teammates or to another company


Points to remember when working with employees/CEOs/…

  1. They are very busy and have tight schedules

  2. Key priority is the company

  3. They have their own language and referencial

  4. You have to specify on how to present yourself (Image)

  5. Be precise and to the point

  6. Be persistent and passionate

  7. Involve them in the project, share the ownership.


How to approach them

  1. Have a well-pitched message with catching numbers

  2. Convince them of the benefits for the company

  3. Timing (when and how, assess, this varies)

  4. Identify relevant structures or employees and hold discussions as part of background search

  5. Embrace diplomacy and negotiation skills

  6. Avoid situations and discussions that may put you in a difficult situation

  7. Depending on your assessment, being accompanied by people you are advocating for and with

  8. Be courteous but assertive.


This assessment will help you understand what are the topics or adjustments needed to successfully support Youth inclusion project inside your company

And the last important thing: prepare tools to monitor your success!


> Which changes do you expect? <

> How can you measure them? < 

You can propose to your company to set up indicators or KPIs depending on what is the most relevant to you, to measure progresses and successes 

Your are now ready to identify your issue

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