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This section applies to companies starting  their journey for advocacy,  and can serve as a reminder for more advanced companies

WHAT needs to change?

WHO do you need to influence?

WHICH message?

HOW to choose specific actions?


In other words:

  • What current events, movements or international agendas can be connected to your objectives to strengthen impact?

  • Who can make it happen (objectives may focus on specific stakeholders)? What do they need to hear (think strategic issue framing...)?

  • How can it be achieved (think concrete actions set against a realistic timeframe)?

  • Who can you start working with to kick-start this process?


Do not forget to manage risks:

  • What should you do if your measure / proposal does not work?

  • What obstacles can you expect?

  • Which problems will you have to solve?


And the most important thing: prepare tools to monitor your success!

  • Which changes do you expect?

  • How can you measure them?

  • Will you implement your action through different tools? Different steps?

  • What do you concretely want to achieve?

by champions and good practices implemented by the YIN!

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