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The Youth Inclusion Network is a network of companies committed to work on inclusion of youth issued from very excluded backgrounds.

The Youth exclusion situation calls to urgent actions. Young adults need our help to get control over their lives, to give them a chance to access to a more decent situation by integrating the corporate world.

The Youth Inclusion Network has been created in March 2016, in the Philippines, at the initiative of Life Project For Youth (LP4Y) Foundation.


The network gathers 61 generous companies that are willing to increase the employment of the excluded youth, fight against exclusion and reduce poverty in general. To do so, they open their doors to excluded Youth and invite them for company visits, trainings, mock interviews, ... On the other hand, they are brainstorming about how we can prepare and facilitate Youth Inclusion. 

By working with companies, partners and any stakeholders that could help facilitating the inclusion of those youths (ministries, Local Governments, universities, vocational schools and NGOs) we act as a catalyst which promotes, shares and supports all the initiatives for Youth Inclusion.

We like to say that this initiative is not only social, but also linked to the Human Ressources. Hiring these youth is a real opportunity for the companies as they are highly motivated, hard workers with good professional skills and positive behaviors.

The YIN works with catalysts that could help facilitating the inclusion of those youth such as LP4Y or other NGOs specialized in youth inclusion, and aims to work with other institutions such as LGUs, vocational, universities to increase their knowledge and expertise but also their opportunity to help more youth.

In 2018, the YIN Global was officially registered in France and is currently headed by Jerôme Lemouchoux, CEO of Sodexo.

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