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According to the United Nations, there are 1.2 billion Youth aged between 15 and 24 years old around the world.


> 375 million Youth are working in insecure, unsafe, informal, indecent conditions, representing 75% of the 500 million employed Youth. With the crisis, 42% of them got fewer incomes (the salary being already low for young workers), and 45 million completely lost their jobs.

>  In 2021 75 million Youth were not employed, 732 were not educated, or trained. The crisis increased their level of exclusion (ILO, 2022).
In slum areas, if the situation was complicated before, it became unsustainable. 

>  For the remaining Youth who were studying, most of the educational systems switched to digital with the crisis. However, deprived of digital equipment, internet or electricity most of the time, the excluded Youth are the most concerned by school dropouts and will never go back to school after such a long break in their studies.


The Youth exclusion situation calls to urgent actions. 

Young adults need our help to get control over their lives, to give them  a chance to access a more decent situation  by integrating the corporate world.

This page will help you to start / continue your advocacy journey


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Quotes gathered during the ChangeNow Summit 2022

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2021: 1.3 billion Youth aged between 15 and 24 years old in the world
375 million Youth working in insecure, unsafe, indecent conditions
300 million Youth were unemployed, not educated, or trained


Inequalities increased because of the pandemic

To support Youth inclusion
To offer a future to underprivileged Youth
To increase your team spirit and create a corporate identity
To be part of the global change




Train the Youth - share your professional experience / expertise

Mock interviews (15 minutes)

Training (1 hour)

Testimonies (1 hour)

Company visits (as you wish)


353 actions done by the YIN in 2021, impacting 2660 Youth

Time to increase these numbers !


Spread the word

Mobilize your company, your colleagues, your family,...


Ask for advice:

We hope this toolkit for advocacy will allow you to further engage in Youth inclusion support, or to develop new advocacy strategies that will support your company’s culture and create strong bonds between your employees.

The YIN remains at your disposal to accompany you in this new journey, and is looking forward to your creations.

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