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Success Story 1 : The added value of hiring Youth from excluded backgrounds

(data gathered by and for YIN Members)

1 - Added value in term of human relationship

2 - Added value in term of business relationship

Success Story 2 : Decathlon Philippines

Decathlon Philippines shared the program that has been implemented in the Philippines in order to detect talents and accompany the Youth in the development of their professional life


> Step 1 - Discovery and exposure: Youth start with a company visit to develop knowledge about the company and working opportunities. They then have different possibilities to extend their connections with the company.


> Step 2 - Activities and short internships: By going deeper in the process through specific trainings and/or mock interviews, youths who are passionate about sport and interested to discover deeper Decathlon can benefit from 2 weeks internships opportunities to get the possibility to learn the job from the ground and design their own project based on concrete experiences.


> Step 3 - From OJT to recruitment: Decathlon developed different inclusion opportunities based on the company’s needs and calendar of activity. If opportunities are available on a long term basis, Decathlon shares the criteria for recruitment with the partner for regular job positions.

During the high seasons, Decathlon is offering Youth the opportunity to join the team for a few weeks or months: last year, Decathlon also has developed an OJT program of 8 weeks in which Youth are trained and integrated into by providing a diversity of tasks inside the store (layout replenishment, transactions at the till, delivery process and customer service).


> Step 4 - Integration or immersive professional exposure: From their performance, the Youth can be then invited to join the team in a permanent way if positions are available. If the recruitment alternative is not a possible option, the several roles performed and trainings attended will represent a considerable boost for the employability of these Youth in their pathway.

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