In 2020


Youth participated in YIN professional activities

+ 65 Jobs and internships

+160 Mock interviews, training sessions, company visits

In 2021

2 660 

Youth participated in YIN professional activities

Through 353 activities

199 Mock interviews, 58 training sessions, 18 company visits, 71 internships and jobs

The Youth you will work with

The YIN is collaborating with 11 organisations that directly work with the Youth through specific programs (educational and/or financial support to professional development)


> Youth from 17 to 24 Years old

> Coming from excluded backgrounds (due for instance to family and financial issues)

> Presenting a limited educational background for the large majority of them

> Involved in a variety of programs: from general professional skills programs to specific vocational trainings (IT, Hotel - Restaurant Catering , F&B, etc)

Activities Opportunities & Illustrations

> Mock Interviews

A 30 mins to 1 hour activity upon availability, open to all team members, the opportunity to have a privileged moment with a Youth, to detect talents



> The YIN collects member availabilities for mock interviews (name of participants, time, platform if digital)


> The YIN shares these mock interview opportunities with the YIN partners and coordinates the Youth participation


The YIN organises an orientation session with the team members who will interview, introduces interviewer and interviewee, supports activity logistic and eases feedback delivery

> Company visits

The opportunity to present your company, meet the Youth, engage team members, help the Youth discover professional opportunities, find their way and develop ambitions

PROCESS (also applicable to trainings & testimonies)

> The YIN helps you design an event adapted to the Youth and collects information (place, time, number of participants, ...)


> The YIN shares this opportunity with the YIN partners and coordinates the Youth participation


The YIN connects participants and supports activity logistic

> Trainings & Testimonies

From professional testimonies to soft and hard skills training, the opportunity to help the Youth develop decisive professional knowledge and skills in order to support further integration

Examples of trainings & testimonies

> “Communication skills” and “Marketing skills”, Mars Wrigley
> “Interview Tips and Techniques”, “Basic Rights of Employees”, Accenture
> “Ace your job interview”, “How to create a professional resume”, “Employment guide”, "Professional presentation creation", "How to find a job during the pandemic?" Capgemini
> “Women empowerment”, Sodexo
> “Sales trainings”, Décathlon, Twirl
> “Hospitality management”, Hyatt
> Project Manager testimony, Tractebel Engie
> Youth experience sharing, EESI
> Professional testimonies during  international workshops

> Employment programs

The most enriching experience for the Youth and the company, the most efficient way to support and act for Youth inclusion!

Examples of OJT programs

> Belgo - A 3 month program combining F&B trainings, practical application in stores and English trainings
> Sodexo -   A 6 month job shadowing to support young women, through skill trainings, job exposures and deep mentoring focus

Examples of Internship and recruitment positions
Sales assistant, HR assistant, Customer service executive, Hotel - Restaurant Catering  employee, Administration, Maintenance assistant, Data entry, Call center agent, (...)
There are plenty of possibilities and options. The Youth are fast learners, highly dedicated and adaptable, committed to succeed at every task that will be attributed to them

Organizing an activity

 All YIN members commit to organise at least one YIN activity/year (company visits, trainings, mock interviews, employment, internship…)


Several possibilities


> Contact the YIN members to share your ideas and opportunities


>  Discuss alternatives with the YIN Project Managers throughout follow-up meetings

>  Register on the calendar of activity requests (Coming soon)

Each company is free to design its own activity

> Our priority is to allow you to have the best experiences, taking into considerations all your requirements in order to match with your expectations

When designing your activity, and depending on content or purpose, you have the opportunity to define:
> The day and hour of the activity
> The duration of the activity (from 30 minutes for a mock interview to a few hours for other activities and more for internships or jobs)
> The location (Digital, at an NGO center, in your office, etc)
> The number of participants
> The scale: local (in your country, in a specific area) or global (at international scale in digital)
> Any other criteria to take into consideration while organising the activity

> The YIN Project Manager will then support the organisation of the activity and coordinate the Youth participation based on your preferences