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YIN India - NIY Employability program

On February 16th NIY delivered the final session of his employability programme.

More than 100 Youth took part in the 4 sessions of trainings on:

> How to improve communication skills

> How to build confidence > Basics of personality development

Despite apprehension, in the beginning, Youths from different cultures and languages finally opened up and started communicating with ease, and that we plan to do this kind of campaign again, etc.

They were able to interact with the trainer, Animesh Das, founder of NIY who conducted the sessions, develop their confidence, and received previous advice for their professional and personal development.

We are really grateful to NIY for the opportunity that was given to the Youth of Bahay Tuluyan , Enfants du Mékong and Life Project 4 Youth who took part in these sessions from India, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines and Vietnam.

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