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YIN INDIA - Twirl Store's Women Empowerment Training for Int. Women's Day

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

On March 15th we had the pleasure to listen to Sujata Chatterjee, CEO and Founder of Twirl Store, for a "Testimony of a Woman Entrepreneur". collects unwanted clothing and fabrics, from individuals and organizations across India, giving them a new life. Their mission is to turn ‘waste to wonder’ while providing a source of livelihood to rural women.

After a presentation of her background and the creation of Twirl, Sujata provided insightful tips to the participants for their (professional) life. As an illustration: > Dream things for which you are willing to work hard. > There should not be any difference between man and woman entrepreneurs: they have the same difficulties. > 3 main tips de become entrepreneurs: Work hard; Accept failure; Team work And remember: you can create change!

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