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YIN India Webinar: How to engage and advocate for Youth inclusion?

Updated: May 10, 2022

On March 2nd, members of the YIN India Network gathered for the first YIN Webinar of 2022.

During one hour the participant were able to:

> Summarize the 2021 YIN India actions

> Discuss the objectives for 2022

> Create link and identify working opportunities

> Discuss on the issue of Youth advocacy, the challenges they face, the opportunities Youth advocacy represent,....

We are really grateful to BIC, Career Guide, Eye Buddy, GCRS, Interdominion NIY, and Norex India for their contribution!

Next events

> 14th April: YIN Global Networking event

> 4th May: Event on sustainability

> 19th - 21th May: Change Now. More information here.

> 7th June: YIN International Webinar

Information upon request

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