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YIN India - New member

Updated: May 10, 2022

We have the pleasure to introduce our new member, TWIRL.STORE, launched with the aim of minimizing cloth wastage and ensuring women empowerment, which recently joined the YIN India

Description of this amazing initiative by its founder, Sujata Chatterjee:

"We encourage one-and-all to send their unwanted clothing/fabrics to us and they are provided as garments to those in need or upcycled for use as fabric by rural women.

Twirl’s philosophy is that ‘retail’ should always benefit society and the environment and we believe in reaching out to the less-privileged sections of society, to help them with their needs.

The upcycled fabric products in range of bags, accessories, home-décor, gift items etc are unique limited-editions, handcrafted by rural craftswomen.

In fact, Team Twirl is a symbol of women empowerment with every role in the organisation being performed by ladies from less-fortunate backgrounds."

For more details, kindly visit their weblinks and

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