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YIN INDIA - First company visit

Updated: May 10, 2022

On March 10th, 30 Youth from Life Project 4 Youth had the opportunity to visit Offbeat CCU. An important event, as Offbeat recently joined the YIN India, and as it was the first in-person YIN event taking place in India.

After an introduction on Y-East , an initiative of Techno India Group (YIN members) gathering organisations working on social and sustainability issues, the Youth discussed the notion of sustainable development in itself with Pauline Laravoire.

The presentation was followed by a visit of the building: co-working spaces, gym, restaurant… The Youth were particularly impressed by the organisation of the working spaces and the diversity of the activities taking place there.

For the Youth the most inspirational thing about Offbeat is the importance of entrepreneurship. Serving the society; Enjoying... An inspiration for several Youth who would like to become entrepreneurs one day!

For Meghdut RoyChowdhury, Founder and Curator in chief, when you come to Offbeat “you understand what is possible. Offbeat is an ‘experience-show center' which can be summarized by three words: Experiential education, Community, Interdisciplinary".

Thank you again to Offbeat CCU for this experience, and looking forward to doing more activities with you!

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