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YIN India - Company Visit with Ubuntu

Updated: May 10, 2022

On 25th August, several Youth from Life Project 4 Youth Green Village West Bengal took part in a company visit organised by Ubuntu, a vegan café based in Kolkata.

Beauty Khatoon, Project Manager Integration at the Green Village West Bengal, tells us more about it: "Ubuntu community Vegan Café in Lake Gardens, Kolkata, is one of the finest and sweetest restaurants I have seen, because the infrastructure of the café will attract you and the homely ambiance will make you sure to visit it again. Ubuntu is a space where you can pop meals and hangout with like-minded people. Youths were delighted to visit the place they asked as many questions they could. The hospitality of the partner Mr. Abhinav was very good. He offered us their special “Mutton roll” and Pencils to each one us made up of Newspaper. I loved the way they are using waste materials and recycling it into beautiful products which makes them unique than the rest."

We are really grateful to Ubuntu for their kindness and the opportunity they gave to the Youth, who were able to learn more about cooking as a professional work!

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