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YIN INDIA - Company Visit at Interdominion, Kolkata

Updated: May 10, 2022

On November 24th, Interdominion welcomed 26 Youth from LP4Y Kolkata, in order to let them discover more about their industry, company culture and environment.

Interdominion, our latest member, is specialized in the Building Materials and Refractory market in Easter India, serving industries, service providers, resellers and homeowners since 1980.

The visit started with a warm welcome from all the team and exchanges with the Youth in order to understand better Youth profiles, interests, background and ambitions, what allowed then to perfectly adapt the visit to the audience.

The Youth had then the opportunity to visit the office and several departments, assisting in material demonstrations and hearing about a diversity of jobs and profiles through the explanations of the employees who took part in this event. The Youth could also hear the testimony from an LP4Y alumni who works in Interdominion since several years. The Youth were delighted by the visit, discovering jobs and opportunities they had never hear about, enjoying training content adapted to their profiles and concrete transparent information about what they can expect from the professional world.

The LP4Y team shared with enthusiasm their feedback, explaining also the important impact of this company visit on the Youth: "This visit will be trully impactful for the Youth, on their way to see their future, on their way to see a company, on their way to see a company culture, which is here highly benevolent."

A deep thank you to Interdominion team for welcoming the Youth, who look forward to having more opportunities to meet the team, discovering more about the industry and to going even further!

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