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YIN Global - What should you ask a company before accepting a job?

On February 10th, 90 Youth from 4 countries (India, Indonesia, Nepal and The Philippines) were able to take part in a YIN training on "What should you ask a company before accepting a job?".

The activity started with a practical exercise, in order to allow the Youth to discover the thematic, to draft their own questions, and to identify the challenges that this exercise represents. The activity was concluded by an exchange between the different countries, during which the Youth were able to put their questions in common and share their thoughts.

After this introduction, the participants were invited to exchange with DMCI, a member of the YIN Philippines. Christian Mendoza, Human Resources Specialist, presented a list of topics and questions, providing explanations and insights on each one of them. More than discovering question options that could be determinant in their job search, the Youth could also understand the importance of asking them and that they have the right to ask several of them: "You are not picky, you just want to be knowledgeable". The Youth then exchanged with the HR Specialist, and questioned him. The Youth will now, know about the questions that should be asked to a company, to ensure that the job they are applying for is adapted to their expectations and need.

We are really grateful for the participation of DMCI and the support they provided to the Youth on this occasion!

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