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The importance of professional exposure in the development of excluded Youth #1 - Findings

1 - Every Youth learns differently, and is influenced by a complex combination of internal and external factors (familial, social, cultural, technological,...).

It means that every Youth should have access to a suitable and adapted training, including professional exposure.

2 - Context heavily influences the design and implementation of a professional exposure training, however over time this professional exposure will also influence context and education, leading to the development of new solutions and inclusive societies around the world.

3 - Professional exposure should be promoted by shifting from passive to active learning, where each learner actively engages in and experiments the professional world.

4 - Investment in professional exposure is needed and must be designed and implemented to be equitable and inclusive.

5 - Multidisciplinary dialogue, research and collaboration is needed to ensure different perspectives, understanding and context to guide the inclusion of professional exposure in education.

So, how should companies take action?

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