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The basics of Youth Inclusion 3: Some tips when onboarding a Youth who has suffered from exclusion

1 - Train the Youth and help them acquire hard and soft skills

Rather than a diploma or a degree, actual learning is what companies are currently looking for. Good communication skills, good presentation,... The rest can be trained on the field, and companies can orient the Youth in the journey of accomplishment.

2 - Insist on the coaching and individual mentoring

Buddy system is a process widely used by companies and easy to implement!

As a complementary activity, Youth participate to monthly management meetings, where they can express, just like any team member, fear, challenges, next steps and goals, getting additional feedback and advice.

3 - Preparation of the team and managers

Given daily relationships with the Youth, it is important to prepare the teams and managers to receive the Youth, reminding them for instance to demonstrate patience. This preparation can be done through explanations and training.

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Many thanks to DMCI, Capgemini, BBMS, Sodexo, Hyatt Pune, Decathlon, Bolloré Logistics for their insights, and to all the members who support Youth inclusion through jobs / internships

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