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The basics of Youth Inclusion 2/5: Obstacles and opportunities for a company

What are the main obstacles encountered by the companies

in recruiting Youth?

1 - Different skills and background : Youth are discovering professional life for the first time, may lack basic skills (but not qualities, and possess unique skills because of their background) and, on the other side, that companies forgot to give clear guidelines, identify a mentor or explain the company’s organisation / hierarchy

2 - Fear to give an opportunity : Youth come from a different background and this can be sometimes difficult for companies to visualize these Youth inside their teams. Companies must TRUST the Youth and give them opportunities, in a clear way. They are fast learners, they adapt very fast. Setting basic expectations will motivate the Youth to do better and fulfill their tasks.

3- Impact of exclusion : Underprivileged Youth possess a difficult background, and may not have at their disposal the necessary means to integrate a job: lack of transportation, financial difficulties, family issues, or any other external/internal factor, Youth will have to overcome numerous issues to reach their job, and they will, since every single opportunity is a golden one for them!

Why excluded Youth should be your next team members?

︎ ▶︎ Attention to clients: Companies who integrated excluded Youth were impressed by their people oriented behavior and listening skills.

▶︎ Patience and commitment: Excluded Youth demonstrate patience and a significant high level of involvement, being grateful and enjoying the fruit of labor, working especially hard to prove themselves and satisfy expectations.

▶︎ Ensuring workforce diversity and corporate image: Hiring excluded Youth is for the companies, the opportunity to ensure background diversity inside their workforce, to demonstrate a compliance of fair recruitment practices and social responsibility, which is having positive impacts, for instance on the company image.

▶︎ Inspiring and boosting other employees: More than ensuring diversity, the different background, culture and values of excluded Youth allow to bring diversified ideas and benefit from this diversity in tasks compliance. Their inclusion enriches the team, creates a new dynamism and the willingness for the team to improve their commitment, following Youth high dedication.

Corporate actors are the key players when it comes to the professional integration of excluded Youth. If it might be perceived as a challenge at first sight, it becomes a long-term strength for every company, when implemented with the adapted settings.

In the upcoming weeks, we will learn more about some best practices gathered by the YIN Members! Stay Tuned!

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