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Non-Discrimination at work

Coming from underprivileged backgrounds, the Youth are often struggling with an issue that we all have to face one day : Discrimination.

On the 23rd of March, Sujata from Twirl Store was the speaker on one of our YIN Youth Webinar and talked about this more than difficult subject with 160 Youth from all around the world.

What is discrimination ? How to be non discriminating ? How to know when you are being discriminated against ? What should you know about discrimination ? What can you do to face it ? How can you prevent yourself from being discriminated against ? How can you keep motivated after being discriminated against ? What should you do when you want to talk about it ?

These are all the questions Sujata answered during her training. One of the main answer is : You are not alone.

A very important point that everyone should keep in mind during their rough days at work, we can always find support and all the Youth truly understood this.

Discrimination is one of the biggest issues the Youth have to face in the professional world, and we all have to fight against it as much as possible by simply listening or supporting them.

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