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First YIN Expert Webinar

On the 14th of March, the YIN holds its first ever Expert Webinar on CSR policies. Social or environmental CSR : why should companies have to choose ?

The answer?

There is absolutely no need to choose one. This is what Pranav from Recosolution and Kiki from Sodexo BRS Indonesia tried to make us understand during one hour. In front of committed members and full of willingness companies, they shared about the different ways to be eco-friendly like working more on digital, with renewable energy, or even circular economy. The ways to be Youth friendly are more about the De&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) policies and the immersion programs held in the companies.

But how can you be both at the same time ? How can you protect the environment and at the same time include the Youth ?

Here are some clues :

- Education and awareness : show them what is happening, show them the kind of actions they could do on their own and in your company

- Answer to “silly” questions : most of the time, knowing what is climate change is not their priority. If they ask questions, answer it even when you feel like it’s obvious

- Let’s discuss positive : don’t always talk about how badly the climate is going : try to take action and to think positive about the situation

You have more ideas that you would like to share ? You are more than welcome to send us an email on

You want to be our next speaker ? Share the topic you would like to talk about by sending us an email on

Thank you to all the participants to this Expert Webinar such as Bollore, Decathlon, Sodexo, Norex, Webhelp, Bunon Kutir, Medicare, DMCI, Mars and a lot more

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