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Youth Inclusion Network Board Meeting

Updated: May 10, 2022

Last December 13, within the Youth Inclusion Network Board Meeting, decision makers from​ 7​ international companies (Accenture, Capgemini, Decathlon, Microsourcing, Sodexo B&R, Tractebel Engie, VSL)​ met at Capgemini Office in Manila to assess all the actions taken in 2017 and ​define the​ objectives for ​2018. ​

​Especially, the main objectives validated for the year 2018 to fight for the Youth inclusion are the followings: ​

​- The creation of ​global ​forum​ gathering all the stakeholders related to Youth Inclusion​: companies, governmental institutions and their local branches, school and universities, NGOs, etc. ​

​​- The ​Implementation of a shared platform ​between Youth and training organization for sourcing the Youth. ​

- ​The improvement of the detailed roadmap thanks to which​ the companies will then commit to provide the necessary training. A first step for a smooth organization which will provide ​each Youth ​with​ the necessary skills and​ then​ facilitate ​its professional integration​!​

- ​The intensification of the meetings with all the possible partners which could support Youth Inclusion. ​

- T​he ​improvement of the database​ to support the communication of the YIN impact​.

- ​The consolidation of the information and the creation of communication tools or new channels. ​​ ​These actions will be taken through a new organization around a unique Board and five working committees (Partners & Sourcing​, Advocate Youth Integration​, Prepare​, Facilitate Integration​, Tools & Communication​) which will make more efficient and powerful YIN actions.

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