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YIN Philippines - Employee Rights training by Accenture

To know your working rights is fundamental but this is not automatic for the Youth coming from a world where the rule is to survive, to have a job no matter the conditions.

On July 30th, The Accenture team gave a full training on Employees rights to 86 Youth coming from different organisations in the Philippines.

The Youth could have an extended vision of what they can expect from the professional world and what is acceptable, what is a decent job and what are decent conditions.

During the 3,5 hours of training, the Youth could here from different team members about:

> Labor Standards

> Work Hours and Pay

> Wages-Minimum Wage

> Social Legislation Employees' Statutory Benefits – SSS

> Social Legislation Employees' Statutory Benefits – PhilHealth

> Social Legislation Employees' Statutory Benefits – ECC

> Social Legislation Employees' Statutory Benefits - HDMF/PAG-IBIG

> Kinds of Leaves

> Rights of Working Women

> Termination of Employment

The training was very important for the Youth since they present a lack of knowledge about their rights but also the process inside the corporate world. Indeed, they have a limited knowledge and refer usually to relative's jobs, when working conditions might not comply with the Philippines working regulations.

To access to this training has been the opportunity for the Youth to understand what they can ask and what they can expect, empowering them and giving them the knowledge to evaluate job opportunities, job environment and the right to refuse opportunity that would not comply with the law.

A big thank you to Accenture team for this unique performance and for all the support provided to the Youth!

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