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YIN Youth Webinar - The professional use of Social Medias

On August 11th Debajyoti Paul, from Career Guide, delivered a testimony on the professional use of social medias.

After doing an offline exercise on the matter, more than 250 Youth from Lebanon (Y4CN & LP4Y), Myanmar, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Luxembourg joined an online debrief, followed by the testimony of the professional career coach.

During the exchange, Debajyoti Paul showed the importance of professionally using social medias, especially as job seekers.

He also reminded How to Identify Fake Job Offers/Scams:

1. If they ask you to pay money in name of registration or training.

2. If they offer you unrealistic salary.

3. Job is not listed in the company’s website.

4. If the person is using free domain email ids.

5. If the company don’t have any digital presence.

6. If the company frequently change their location from one to another.

7. If they ask you to submit your documents before getting selected in the company.

We are really grateful to Career Guide for the time given to the Youth, and the high-level testimony which was delivered!

A few pictures below

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