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YIN Youth Webinar - Non Discrimination at work

On March 10th we had the pleasure of organising our third Youth Webinar, on the subject of "Non-discrimination at work".

After doing an exercise offline, Youth from different asian countries exchanged together on why equality was important, how they were affected by discrimination in their life, what could they do to avoid this,....

We then had the opportunity to listen, or should we say watch, two inspiring testimonies:

> Debendra Pokharel who runs Cocina Mitho Chha, a Sustainable Social Enterprise (Bed and Breakfast rooms, restaurant and a cooking school). He explained the importance of non-discrimination at the workplace, and gave insightful tips to the Youth on how to solve this problem.

Cocina Mitho Chha recently welcomed deaf and mute Youth inside the school, and one of them was hired by the enterprise. He was able to deliver a testimony in sign language, to explain the challenges he faced, how he overcame them,...

> Youth from LP4Y CDO then joined the session and delivered an American sign language training to all the participants. It was really impressive to see the commitment of the Youth in practicing new expressions in sign language. Remember: the best way to learn more about exclusion and discrimination is to understand those who suffer from it.

Stay connected for the next Youth Webinar in April!

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