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YIN Global: Empowering the Youth with 5 trainings by Capgemini

In May and June, Capgemini team delivered 5 online trainings about a diversity of topics in order to support the Youth in their professional education.

The 5 training covered a variety of soft skills, hard skills and job application tips. With a total of 422 participants across the different sessions, Capgemini contributed in the successful professional future of many Youth across Asia, who will for sure, remember the provided guidance and apply advice in order to achieve their professional dreams.

The first session, "Job Seekers Employment Guide" was dedicated to Philippines Youth and supported them in understanding the new requirement and corporate organisations since pandemic. They made for instance a focus on the changes inside the companies (such as hybrid work mode) but also the changes in the recruitment processes and what can Youth expect under the new schemes applied by the companies like Capgemini.

The 5 other sessions were opened to Youth from all countries and Capgemini could inspire Youth coming from Lebanon, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Indonesia and The Philippines on a diversity of topics as part of the following ones:

> How to ace a job interview

> Time management

> Digital Professional Communication

> Professional Resume Writing

From the questions of the Youth, Capgemini's volunteers could also elaborate also on related topics mixing recruitment, sales, personal experiences and useful tips and examples for their professional life. A deep success that will continue with other activities in the upcoming months!

Thank you again to all the volunteers who animated and supported the sessions! There were highly insightful and for sure, with a huge impact to the Youth who clearly expressed their incentives to see Capgemini again for other opportunities!!

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