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Updated: May 10, 2022

On September 18, the first YIN Workshop in Vietnam took place at Medicare's Headquarters.

Different companies such as Auchan, Expeditors, Aden, Capgemini, Premier Oil and Medicare, all represented by the HR representatives and/or General Manager were present to discuss together the main points of Youth Inclusion Network, in Vietnam.

Thanks to the very inspirational video created by the YIN Philippines Board Members, Bruno Vergnes (Senior Manager Bouygues & Vice President VSL), Christopher John Costales (Director HR Shared Services) and Cleo Fatima Eguia (Executive Assistant Global HR Member Services), the Vietnam Business Leaders were able to benefit from a more global vision of the YIN, in a general way.

We made three groups composed of partners, Long, President of the Stars, and Ân, Manager of Seeds of Hope Team, in order to brainstorm about the following subjects: - Advocate Youth Integration towards companies. - Prepare Youth Integration : how can companies best prepare the youths to integrate the corporate world. - Facilitate Youth Integration : to develop and share best practices for Youth Integration once hired.

All the feedbacks were very impactful and led every participants to have a better vision on the next steps, to become actors of change!


"Hello everyone,

My name is Lê Trần Hoàn Ân, and I had the opportunity to do an internship in Medicare Company, in Ho Chi Minh City, before going to Management Step. During the first YIN workshop, which took place on September 18, I had the opportunity to talk in front of all our partners. I wanted to share my feelings about my internship, and explain what I did during those few days.

After, throughout the different workshops, I also had the opportunity to be a part of one group of discussion. I was with M. Bart Verheyen, and others managers from different companies (Capgemini, Medicare...). Their analysis on "How to Facilitate the Youth Integration, one hired ?" was very interesting : I really felt involved and concerned by this topic.

I look forward to be a part again of those group discussion for the next YIN meetings."


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