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YIN Vietnam - Multiple training and mentoring program by Servier

Every 2 months, Servier Vietnam welcomes inside their office, 14 Young students supported by Enfants d'Asie in order to empower them on different topics.

Indeed Servier, across the years built a strong relationship with Enfants d'Asie, and provide them with mentoring session but also different training sessions about for instance:

> How to recover from Covid period and live an happy life

> Communication skills

> English skills

> How to manage personal finances

Adapting their content to Youth requirements, Servier plays a role essential in giving more professional exposure to the Youth but also more confidence in their capabilities to succeed.

Indeed these Young students come from country and ethnic excluded communities who tend to be stigmatized so that they tend to exclude themselves or start by the postulate that people will judge them.

Interacting with Servier team show them that they have a seat in the society and that they are as much capable as any other Youth, in their skills to succeed!

A deep thank you to Servier for their commitment, we look forward to continuity of this long lasting partnership across the months!

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