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Updated: May 10, 2022

On September and October, Belgo Belgian Craft Beer Brewery team kept strongly involved in Youth inclusion, delivering to the Youth of Sos Children's Villages Digital Trainings about essential professional skills. The Youth could learn from the tips and concrete experiences of Belgo Managers, about communication skills, public speaking, stress management, teamwork, and conflict management. Other Digital Trainings will soon complete these sessions, with a focus on applications and listening skills. We would like to thank Ms Phuong, Mr Viet Anh and Mr Thu for sharing your precious and meaningful insights, your pathways and best practices with the Youth. Your contribution will definitely have a significant impact for the Youth who had the chance to hear from you! We look forward to hearing from you during the next sessions! Thank you also to Olivier Pauchard and Ms Thuy Hoang Le for the internal coordination and support during the whole process. Picture from Belgo publication

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