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YIN Philippines - Webhelp/THF Mock Interviews

On April 15th and 22th, Webhelp and their foundation, Think Human Foundation, could perform 29 mock interviews, with Youth coming from all over the Philippines, with collaborators coming from different Asian countries.

A great exercise for the Youth who had to prepare this interview based on a job offer in order to put them perfectly in the real interview conditions.

In the end, the Youth were unanimous about the great support this activity will bring to them in their professional life. They were at first nervous and impressed because they wanted to give their very best to the interviewers. However, the interviewers, previously briefed about Youth profiles, made the necessary to make the Youth as comfortable as possible, providing then, complete feedbacks about the performance, in the positive aspects and improvement perspectives.

The Youth will remember each tips and will keep practicing until finally reaching their objectives. They definitely feel more confident about themselves and their capabilities to succeed, highly motivated to keep learning to master the exercise, with hard work, determination and passion for their target job!

Thank you so much Webhelp and Think Human Foundation Teams for the opportunity! Looking forward to our trainings in May!

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