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YIN PHILIPPINES - Sodexo's mentoring and OJT programs

Following the several sessions related to Women Day in March, Sodexo decided to offer multiple opportunities to the Youth in April from mentoring to OJT program.

From the beginning of April, Sodexo developed a mentoring program in order to support 6 Youth, who have the chance to meet individually Sodexo's team members for exclusive one-to-one mentoring sessions.

As part of the program, the Youth are following a journey of 4 sessions, whose topics are:

> How to create a strong resume

> How to dress up for Job interview

> What to prepare for Job interview

> How to deal with Job rejections

Empowered with these sessions, the Youth will definitely feel more than ever ready for their next job search adventures and to achieve their dreams, skilled with meaningful tips from Sodexo's team!

Sodexo's team members who are supporting the Youth will also inspire internationally during our next YIN Youth Webinar later this Month.

In addition to mentoring programs, Sodexo launched a new edition of their SheWorks OJT program, recruiting this year 14 Youth, with the objective to integrate those who will pass the several evaluation steps designed as part of the journey.

Actually, the Youth who enroll in this initiative, will follow a 6-months on-site shadowing program, where they will learn about different departments, receive different global, technical and soft skills trainings. A huge opportunity for these Youth who have everything to learn and who are more than ready to show their capabilities to the Sodexo's team.

Looking forward to seeing the outcomes of this new adventure, whose past editions allowed multiple Youth to join Sodexo's team members as permanent employees.

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