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YIN Philippines - Personal Finances and Sales training by Mantua Services

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

On Thursday June 30th, Celia and Marlhon Mantua from Mantua Services, came to LP4Y Tondo center to deliver a live training and testimony to 22 Youth.

The session started with a visit of the center and explanation by the Youth of their activities at LP4Y.

The Mantua team performed then a 2-hours training, starting with explanations of personal finances and importance of savings and budget planning to be able to manage a first salary.

Indeed, for most of the Youth, the first work after their training program will be also their first salary, an important step to them, asking to be aware of how to manage such amount in order to spend reasonably and save for important items (to respect the budget while expanding means to spend more). The Youth also received an introduction to passive incomes and investments.

The second part of the training allowed the Youth understand the different possible sales channels, the concept of direct and indirect sales, what can be the marketing options in order to reach prospects or attract new clients, with insights applicable to their future professional life and activities under LP4Y. The Youth could also get an overview of the different steps of sales and funneling from prospecting to effective sales with the consequent decrease of number of buyers compared to the number of prospects, among many other things. The Youth will remember that customer attention and service is key, especially since you can have competitors offering the same product, you need to differentiate with elements that will increase loyalty. Finally also the important of network at any professional stage.

At the end of the sessionand during the presentations, the Mantua team could share their professional pathway, including the process of creation of Mantua company, an example of the possibility to start a company with no capital creating a success story from dedication, hard work and persistence. Different steps and experiences highly valuables for the Youth, who will definitely get inspired.

Thank you to Mantua team for your time and for all the elements you shared to the Youth! We look forward to seeing you again among other trainings!

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