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Updated: May 10, 2022

As part of the International Woman day, 10 LP4Y Young women had the incredible chance to experience a 3-days immersion in the life of Sodexo employees: The “SheWorks” Global Day of Job Shadowing where each LP4Y Youth were pair to a Sodexo employee. A unique opportunity for the Youth to learn more about the skills, knowledge, experience and practices in Sodexo company.

“My first day as a candidate was very exciting because it’s my first time to do job shadowing in a company like Sodexo that can give me opportunity to observe how to work as an office staff with a different department. My ambassador give me a chance to go with her in Mandaluyong to have a meeting with the merchants which is National Bookstore. I observe that before the meeting, she is very professional the way she smile, talk and cooperate with her partner; during the meeting, she gave her business card, set her objectives first so that they can understand what is the meeting all about and answering the question of all people there.

She was always giving us tips when it comes to work in a professional world like we should know our objectives, don’t be contented in one work, challenge yourself and love what you are doing. She taught us also how to make our professional resume.” Sherlyn Caasi, Aurora program, Tondo, Manilla.

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