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YIN PHILIPPINES - International Women’s Day with Sodexo

Updated: May 10, 2022

On Wednesday, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Philippines team provided the Youth Women with a webinar on Women Empowerment.

61 Youth from Life Project 4 Youth and Enfants du Mekong followed this session on Zoom and could hear testimonies from Anna Pardillo (a LP4Y STAR), Sherylen De Villa and Aileen Vismonte, 3 Sodexo B&R employees, who gave meaningful, powerful and impactful speeches to the audience.

From sharing life and work experiences to discussing challenges, advice and visions on women empowerment, each discourse provided each attendee with strengths, inspirations and the conviction that each woman can "shine not just on Women's day but everyday"!

A warm thank you to Claire Caparas, Mitchie Sanchez and all the Sodexo B&R team!

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