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Updated: May 10, 2022

On Friday 30th of July, DMCI, our new YIN member in the Philippines, organized an exceptional training day combining industry discovery, professional exposure, testimonies, development of digital and employment skills. Very enthusiastic in the program, 69 Youth from LP4Y and Bahay Tuluyan attended digitally the several activities. 10 of those who were interested in the jobs presented could perform mock interviews.

DMCI started by presenting the company, culture and history, activity sectors and achievements.

Following this introduction, the morning training was dedicated to job discovery and exposure. Youth learned about Recruitment (Professional, Direct labor) and Administration (General Services, Timekeeping) positions. From job tasks, duties and responsibilities, to qualifications and processes, they could discover, understand, hear from professionals, watch immersive videos and get additional advice, benefiting from team answers and a complete training about CV, cover letter and interview skills. The second session started with testimonies from 3 DMCI members working in the HR team. They could share about their pathway, daily tasks, evolution and inspire the Youth, explaining how they could handle challenges in their jobs. The Youth will remember that they should take any opportunity and that any obstacle can be handled with the help of managers and teams. Following these testimonies, Youth could learn and review a complete set of basic functions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PPT, improving skills and professional capabilities. Finally, 10 Youth participated in mock interviews, being coached by 3 HR team members. This day was the first participation of DMCI as a YIN member and we would like to thank the coordination team as well as all the persons who contributed to these training sessions. We will meet at the end of August for a second exposure day on DMCI Concrete Products.

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