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Updated: May 10, 2022

On Thursday 29th of July, the Décathlon store of Pasig opened its doors to 18 Youth from LP4Y Payatas.

The Youth started with a visit of several departments of the stores and could learn about the daily tasks of the employees: an immersive professional exposure in order for them to know about the tasks and duties of each role inside the organization of a store.

Following this visit, they could train in leadership, communication and teamwork through sport-linked activities. Finally, the Youth benefited from training in sales and customer services in which they could learn essential skills, ask questions to professionals, train and develop capabilities in order to become proficient in these functions. We would like to thank Decathlon and all team members who contributed to this visit. Their commitment will definitely impact each one of the young attendees, who, thank to initiatives such like this one, are able to improve confidence in their skills and discover more professional careers and options.

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