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YIN Philippines - Company Visit with DMCI

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

After several virtual activities with the YIN - Youth Inclusion Network, D.M Consunji Inc. opened its doors to hold the first face-to-face interaction and company visit with the youths from Life Project 4 Youth - LP4Y last Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

With Fifteen (15) youths from LP4Y Taguig and Payatas Center, the ultimate goal of the Company Visit was to support young adults through professional exposure by helping them develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the field of work and to introduce them to a real corporate setting.

As a YIN member, DMCI "recognize that the action toward Youth Inclusion remains to be an urgent need. We acknowledge that the Youth are our future, and we need to unite to give them access to a better future. By helping create opportunities through jobs, training, mentoring or any form of support, this will facilitate the Youth’s journey towards Integration, allowing them to grow and prosper, contribute to economic growth, and chart their own path out of poverty. Thus, they will be able to hold their place of greater freedom in the world of tomorrow."

Together, let’s act for the future of the Youth!

> Starting off the program, Ms. Cattleya Cabardo from TQM Department, conducted a Safety Orientation to discuss the company safety protocols and to remind the youths of the safety measures they had to follow during their stay in the facilities.

> The Senior Vice President, Ms. Rebecca E. Civil welcomed and introduced DMCI to the youth and their coaches. Ms. Civil discussed the company history, business units, capabilities, and landmark projects of the company. She also shared her personal experiences during her childhood to inspire the youths, sharing her own formula for success – Integrity, Perseverance, Initiative, and Courage. coupled with faith and prayers.

> One of the highlights of the Company Visit was the Office Tour led by the Integrated Management Representative, Ms. Sheryll Manuel. During the tour, Ms. Manuel showed the youth and their coaches the different departments and offices while giving information on their responsibilities and functions.

> To provide the youths an overview of the day-to-day activities in the Main Office, Five (5) participating departments were selected, namely, Technical Services Group, Admin-Timekeeping, ICT, Contracts and Commercial Group, and Human Resources Department-Recruitment, to illustrate actual job demonstrations of their respective job functions. Through this, they were exposed to practical skills that will help enhance their employability and also help them discover professional opportunities.

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