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YIN PHILIPPINES - Bolloré Logistics' donation to YIN and LP4Y

Last December, we had the chance to be selected by Bolloré Logisitics Philippines, Antrak Philippines and BL Support Philippines to receive an exceptional grant, won during the Marathon Day 2021.

A described by Bolloré:

"The Marathon Day brings together employees from around the world to the benefit of charity organisations working in favour of young people. The sum raised this year was divided among the ten countries with the most participants, in support of local organisations working at local level.

As part of Marathon Day 2021, the solidarity run of Bolloré Group, Stephane LAM (Managing Director, Bollore Logistics Philippines, Inc.), Stefan SCHMITZ (Managing Director, Antrak Philippines Transport Solutions Corporation) together with Maryconne BACOLOD (Sr. HR Manager), Jean CRISTOBAL and Venus VIVAR (BL Asia Support Services, Inc.) made a donation on December 2021 to Youth Inclusion Network (YIN) and its local key partner in the Philippines, Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y)."

Bolloré team, YIN and LP4Y met this February 10th, to formalize the donation of €5000. The Bolloré Logistics and Antrak Philippines visited the LP4Y Tondo center. The Youth also presented their activities and the presentation ended with a Q&A session where all Youth and Teams could exchange experiences.

This donation of €5000 will actually support a double contribution:

> On the first side, it will give the possibility for the Youth supported by the YIN to attend different activities and learn from professionals.

> A second part of the donation will support the development of the LP4Y program in Tondo (Manila), training center in which Young mother build their life projects and develop, through experience, the professional hard and soft skills that will allow them to achieve sustainable integration. The donation will support the purchase of material (ex: diapers, milk powder, sewing equipment, center equipment) associated with the management of this educational initiative for and by the Young mothers. Indeed, based on these acquisitions, the Youth can train the local community living in the slums to the importance of hygiene and give them access to essential equipment.

We are highly thankful to Bolloré Logistics and Antrak team for this distinction and for the provided support. We look forward to pursue this very active and insightful collaboration, with a program full of activities for the Youth this year!

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