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Updated: May 10, 2022

On Saturday November 13th, the YIN participated in a special day for the alumnis of our partner Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y). In order to support the 21 Youth attending this day, the YIN organised several trainings.

The day started with a training about fake job offers and related actions. From sensitization and warning signs to concrete solutions and actions, the Youth could learn more about this important topic, understanding how to detect a false job opportunity and react if they are a victim of a fake job.

During the afternoon, the LP4Y Youth participated in a workshop about career development. The Youth and speakers shared professional ambitions in addition to methods to achieve professional goals. They discussed for instance, tips to keep targets in mind and high motivation for long term objectives’ accomplishment. The Youth then stepped back on their LP4Y program learnings, from training and professional exposure through partners, understanding their acquired skills and strengths, to capitalize on these elements during job application and development of their career.

Strong from the several discussions and shared information, this day was the opportunity for these Youth to increase their efficiency during job search and to strengthten the accomplishment of their professional ambitions.

We would like to thank the LP4Y Nepal team for the local coordination, all the participants and we look forward to hearing about the upcoming professional successes of the Youth!

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