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YIN - International Women's Day - Let's Break the Bias together!

Today, the YIN is celebrating the International Women’s Day! A symbolic day, as a global movement committed on a daily basis to the most excluded Young women.

Today let’s #BreakTheBias together:

> For a gender equal world.

> With no bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.

> For an INCLUSIVE world which celebrates difference

After two years into the pandemic, inequalities and disparities in all aspects of human experience have become glaringly visible. Women, especially young women, are among the most disproportionately affected around the world.

Actually, the large majority of the Youth supported by the YIN are women, and this fact can be largely due to the emergency and importance in acting for Women: Lack of access to education, to the job market sometimes, violence, lack of free will and daily challenges from different factors … a large number of obstacles to socio-professional integration, when the financial autonomy that comes from a sustainable professional integration is the first vector of emancipation for women.

It is TIME TO ACT to support these excluded young women:

> Upskilling/Reskilling Youth

> Showcasing value

> Supporting Women professionals

> Creating the future of work for women and how to break the gender bias

> Networking with a global community

The YIN offers the possibility to support these Young women, connecting corporations with the Youth, supporting the creation of activities and professional opportunities (professional exposures and experiences,...) for the Youth and organizing sharing moments between members to break the bias and to find inclusion solutions to any challenge.

If our members are committed all year-long for more opportunities to women coming from extreme poverty and exclusion, this day is the occasion to have dedicated initiatives for awareness and women empowerment. It’s about shining a light on the women and girls who make up our movement, and showing them how powerful and helpful they all are to society and the decent working world.

This upcoming week and month, we will have different empowerment talks but also internship and mentoring initiatives, the possibility for excluded women to gain confidence and go for their dreams! Stay tuned!

If you want to stand for Young women and support the most excluded ones in finding their life-changing opportunity, if you want to break the bias, join us! >

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