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Updated: May 10, 2022

Today, the YIN is celebrating the World Day for Decent Work.

With more than 200 million jobs lost to the pandemic, another hundred million still at risk and large numbers of unemployed people (women for the vast majority), this 14th World Day for Decent Work is more important than ever and supporting SDG 8 achievement (decent work and economic growth) is essential to build a sustainable tomorrow.

To give access to Decent Work to the most excluded Youth is at the heart of YIN purpose. For this very special day, we propose you to explore the definition of Decent Work, why access to a Decent Job is so important for the Youth we are working with, and why this is fundamental for every corporation to support Youth in this achievement.

We would like to thank all the companies supporting Youth everyday, organisations accompanying the Youth, Life Project 4 Youth Youth who participated in this video, and the several institutions working for decent professional integration of all Young talents.

Let’s work together for the future of the Youth!

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Excellent article, la vidéo confirme de manière concrète tout le bien fondé des différents travaux engagés de Yin auprès des jeunes.

Les objectifs de Yin sont pleinement atteints quand à la motivation et l'investissement des différents intervenants et eleves...

On ne peut que soutenir cette démarche portée pour acquérir les connaissances et le savoir être nécessaires pour obtenir un travail durable , et à la hauteur des attentes de ces jeunes.

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