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Updated: May 10, 2022

On September 23rd 2021, the YIN organized a workshop at the Youth SDG Summit, an international multi-sessions event dedicated to Youth issues, interests, and sustainable initiatives. This summit gathers together thousands of attendees (Youth, UN members, international institutions, organizations, corporates, and more) from 100+ countries.

During our session, we had the pleasure to welcome Rahaf and Maha (Life Project 4 Youth, Lebanon), Bruno Vergnes (Consultant, YIN Philippines / France), Debajyoti Paul (Career Coach, YIN India), and Marie-Aimée Boury (Société Générale & YIN Board member, France).

Our speakers shared during a session entitled “SDG 8 & Youth Inclusion”, which refers to the strong connection between Youth inclusion and promotion of “sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.”

Through testimonies and discussions, this session highlighted the need for including Youth, companies, and other entities in SDG8 completion, but also the essential interconnection between these actors in order to achieve it.

Among topics and perspectives, our participants notably shared their opinions and experiences, discussing factors for professional inclusion of Young talents, bringing concrete solutions for an increasing corporate involvement, and specifying the symbiotic relationship between Youth and companies.


A decent job is not just about salary consideration

If decent salary can appear as an evidence, our panelists demonstrated that several criteria must be fulfilled in order to qualify a job as “decent” as:

> Safe and adapted working environment;

> Respect;

> Fairness;

> Possibility to evolve (moving from one company to another, etc);

> Possibility to grow and develop skills, talents;

> Stability;

> Mutually beneficial relationship;

> Possibility to support others and get support.

Everyone can and must take part in SDG8 achievement, be it corporate actors, NGOs, Youth, educational institutions… However, it is important to connect actors for Youth inclusion, to work efficiently together to achieve it.

Companies are essential in supporting professional inclusion of excluded Youth and can act in multiple ways

> Sensitizing Youth to decent working standards and environment (what they should or not consider as decent job);

> Increasing the professional exposure to the different sectors and job options, helping define professional orientations and reality behind job titles;

> Training the Youth to essential skills (to find a job, to act in the job);

> Creating professional opportunities and recruiting new talents;

> And so much more!

As a result, every company and team member can take part in SDG 8 achievement: integrating, mentoring, coaching, supporting, dedicating time

Everyone can act at its level and independently of profiles or situations: employees, companies, professionals, …

> Some can open professional opportunities to Youth and recruit, also financially support organizations working with the Youth;

> Everyone can,be active in the preparation of the Youth (company visits, mock interviews, training, testimonies, etc): any of us can mentor, coach, open network, and/or dedicate at least small amount of time.

> If professional can decide to volunteer on their own, companies can decide to value CSR engagement and help team members dedicate more time in CSR initiatives;

> As an illustration, some companies allow employees to dedicate half days to social and society commitments (such as the Société Générale).

An engagement to support Youth Inclusion is mutually beneficial

If Youth inclusion is a chance for Young talents, this represents also a fantastic opportunity for the corporate actors deciding to change lifes of Youth.

> Youth will be offered a chance, be integrated, develop new skills, express their talents, grow as persons and professionals;

> Companies will benefit from new ideas, perspectives and all positive aspects linked to diversity, new CSR activities, very committed, hard-working and fast-learner Young employees, and more!

Note: Companies have the mission to help Youth upgrade themselves and give them more confidence. For doing so, they must take into consideration the different backgrounds of the Youth, in order to be sure that the Youth will integrate properly. Acting like a guide/mentor, companies can support and create a sustainable difference.

As part of the conclusions

Youth inclusion asks for achieving SDG 8. To access decent jobs, Youth need:

> Education and professional skills (from schools and if not, from organizations providing general or vocational trainings);

> Corporate actors: as job providers but also to teach/mentor the Youth, to support skills development and to prepare them at best to the professional world, to help young talents upgrade themselves and be confident in their capabilities and future.

A single opportunity can change a life for the excluded Youth and a strong connection between Youth, organizations and companies, extended commitment the corporate world (from preparatory stage to proper integration), are essentials to achieve SDG 8 and Youth inclusion. This is having everyone acting and collaborating, no matter our situation or background, that we will create the most sustainable benefits and change.

We are really grateful to Youth SDG Summit for this opportunity, to our speakers for this insightful and dynamic session. We look forward to participating in 2022 edition of the Youth SDG Summit and to inspiring even more attendees through YIN learnings and partners’ visions and members’ experiences.

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