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Updated: May 10, 2022

On June 17th, Ernesto Jr Malicad, Project Manager and Civil Engineer at Tractebel Engie, delivered an insightful testimony of his job to 73 Youth joining from Lebanon, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and The Philippines, from organizations such as Bahay Tuluyan, LP4Y, Children of the Mekong, SOS Children's Village. Ernesto presented his pathway, engineering background and current position at Tractebel Engie. By doing so, he could perform an immersive presentation of his industry, company, working environment, job and engineering requirements. Ernesto shared also key life lessons, reminding the Youth to keep working hard in order to succeed, to make what is possible in order to achieve goals and dreams. In addition to this job and industry presentation, Ernesto took the time to give meaningful tips regarding project management. Communication, patience, and extended knowledge about the project environment are essential to succeed. The Youth should also pay attention to all the characteristics to make the right choice and perform great time management: timeline, expected quality and cost, standards, contract terms and relationship with contractors, as part of the elements that should be taken into consideration in order to deliver on time and under expectations for a global satisfaction and great teamwork experience. We would like to thank Ernesto for this meaningful testimony and Tractebel Engie for connecting the YIN to Ernesto. Such testimony, just like all professional testimonies are of high importance to the Youth. Actually, the Youth have limited knowledge of the professional world. Through Ernesto words, they could open their mind to new perspectives, discover a new job and industry, essential insights in their professional orientation and future job search.

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