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YIN GLOBAL - New Year New Yin

On 12th January, 27 participants gathered for the “New Year New YIN” International Webinar.

Participants from the 5 YIN Countries could listen to inspiring testimonies from Jérôme Lemouchoux (CEO of Foodchéri, YIN President) and Gerlie Eula (former LP4Y Youth, currently employed at EESI). One word can summarize these interventions: HOPE

> Hope for the future of Youth inclusion

> Hope for the year 2022

> Hope for a global commitment of the companies at the image of the engagements taken by YIN members

The testimonies highlighted the benefits of including Youth coming from different backgrounds inside companies: from high commitment, loyalty and dedication to new ideas and perspectives, the list is huge and corporates would be surprised of the positive on their teams in meeting the Youth and collaborating with them, across activities and proper integration.

This webinar was also the opportunity to award companies for their commitment :

2660 Youth were impacted in 2021, with 353 activities organised

We are really grateful to all the participants for their commitment, ideas and are looking forward to what 2022 will bring!

Let's work together for the future of the Youth!

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