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YIN Global - International Webinar #1

Updated: May 10, 2022

On January 7, we organised the first webinar gathering the potential members of the Youth Inclusion Network in Nepal. 25 participants attended the event, including 9 companies and 3 institutions. We would like to thank Jérôme Lemouchoux, Nadège Iff-Peinnet, Bina BK and Debendra Pokharel, our 4 guest speakers who shared their experience in Youth inclusion.

We also gathered in different breakout rooms to exchange about:

> Nepalese job market

> Expected skills from the Youth and ways to prepare them

> Advantages to hire Youth and best practices for their integration

Three very interesting workshops from which we will keep good ideas.

We are looking forward to organising our first events and activities for the Youth with the Nepalese YIN members. Thanks to all the participants!

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