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YIN Global - International Equal Pay Day

Updated: May 10, 2022

On September 17th, the YIN celebrated the International Equal Pay Day, connecting Youth and inspiring professionals around this important issue.

Actually, on a global average, women currently earn 23% less than men for work of the same value.

“To build momentum around the urgent need to address the gender pay gap,” the United Nations observes the International Equal Pay Day on September 18 each year. The creation of the International Equal Pay Day in 2020 is the result of the continuous longstanding struggle of women for equal pay for the work of equal value.

For this special occasion, we had the pleasure to listen to the testimonies of:

> Rohini Singh, from Veolia India, about "The position of a woman as a manager and the importance of equal pay"

> Sujata Chatterjee, from Twirl Store, on "How to promote the inclusion of Youth women coming from excluded backgrounds".

70 Youth (boys and girls) took part in this event, and were able to understand what was "equal pay", how we could achieve it, and what was their mission in doing so.

We are really grateful for the strong commitment demonstrated by Twirl, Veolia and our other members for the inclusion of these Youth, in a fair and social way.

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