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YIN Global - ECOSOC Side event

Updated: May 10, 2022

On April 6th, the President of the YIN, Jérôme Lemouchoux ,CEO of FoodChéri (French subsidiary of Sodexo), concluded the ECOSOC side-event organized by Life Project 4 Youth. He highlighted the key role the corporate world has to play to help the Youth achieve their life project.

Jérome Lemouchoux put forward the difficulties for a company to recruit Youth, to find applicants. This is where the YIN intervenes. Created in 2015 with 5 companies, our network guides companies to engage into the very first step towards the Youth: company visit, training, recruiting interns/full time position… It also allows companies to share their experience/benefit from the experience of others.

Advice from our president: “If you plan to recruit the Youth for charity, for a good CSR approach, it is not enough. If you plan to recruit them because you believe that you will gain something as a company to have diverse people in your workforce, resilient employees with a high level of engagement, then I think you won't be disappointed”

Conclusion: “Working with excluded Youth is not only changing their lives but it would also be a great opportunity for companies. The Youth are resilient, full of energy and have a genuine desire to learn and to grow.”

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