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YIN GLOBAL - Companies as agents of change

The Youth Inclusion Network is really happy to wish you a wonderful new year 2022!

Nowadays global challenges are multiplying: climate change, socio-economic problems, health issues,... These challenges are intersected: a solution given to one of them will support the resolution of the other.

The consequences of the pandemic have increased inequalities between countries, gender, generations. They have also put companies under a lot of pressure to develop innovative solutions, be it from their customers, employees, shareholders or governments. New business but also CSR challenges and new considerations regarding the way the companies should act inside their environment.

Within the YIN, we are privileged to work with committed (pioneers) companies in order to move forward socially speaking, by offering professional opportunities to excluded Youth. Youth inclusion is actually key in achieving SDG goals and in resolving social issues in all countries.

To increase Youth inclusion, companies are the main agents of change and we have learnt a lot from our members during our different discussion times: their way to adapt their management or HR strategies to fit with the new requirements from the society, how to improve diversity in a company, how to integrate different profiles, how to keep talents on the long run, and most importantly, the fact that working together is key for Youth inclusion, health and safety, gender equality, and the planet.

CSR commitment is more and more essential to every company and this year, the YIN is offering you the possibility to become an efficient actor for Youth inclusion, learning from field experiences, concretely acting, being able to measure this impact, to communicate it, to stand as a key player, key actor supporting Young talents and the future of countries.

Let’s work together and make 2022, the year of Youth inclusion!

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