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Weekly digest on Youth inclusion

Updated: May 10, 2022

If you want to learn more about Youth inclusion, its issues and the solutions brought forward to solve it this week, take a look at these three Articles:

> Youth, Women Among Most Vulnerable to Job Loss in Southeast Asia During COVID-19 – ADB

"The report, A Crisis Like No Other—COVID-19 and Labor Markets in Southeast Asia, finds that people ages 15 to 24, who represent less than 15% of the workforce in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam, accounted for as much as 45% of job losses at the height of the pandemic in 2020. In Thailand, women accounted for 60% of all job losses, including 90% in manufacturing, in the second quarter of 2020"

> The second and final session of the 109th International Labour Conference has concluded with a call from Member States for the ILO to develop new strategies to tackle inequalities and boost skills and life-long learning.

> If you do not have the time to read, maybe can you listen to this interesting podcast: "Why growth in wage inequality is a problem for us all?"

Time to take action and support Youth inclusion!

If you are a Nepalese company you can join us this week in Kathmandu for an event on HR Challenges and Opportunities in Nepal

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