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They speak about us: "Youth Inclusion Network: Aim at the bottom of the pyramid"

Updated: May 10, 2022

by Ink Writer

"The Youth Inclusion Network seeks to change that. YIN today is a network of some 30 industrial companies and daily expanding. It was inspired and initiated by the Life Project for Youth, LP4Y, a partner of Enderun in the outreach work of the NSTP program.

The YIN uses company resources to innovate their HR practices recruiting young graduates of LP4Y/NSTP courses, offer OJT opportunities, provide professional training in their fields of expertise: IT sourcing, energy sources, chemical laboratories, food management and distribution, manufacture (sports goods, electrical tools and appliances), and many others. The Network has also begun loosening up to include youth who are differently abled, the blind, the deaf and mute, the physically handicapped."

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