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They speak about us! "Businesses come together to help excluded youth",by Chris Schnabel

Updated: May 10, 2022

In a nutshell, the network uses the same model as existing business networks such as the Rotary Club, except that it focuses the networking and discussions on how to best help excluded youths and push social businesses.

These efforts can include employing them directly, and providing them with free training and and support through funding-related programs.

"The idea is to have a lunch or dinner every few months and act like a think-tank, and then a big night annually that brings all the network’s members together," Vidal said. "They can meet for lunches or dinners, be merry, share a laugh, but at the same time, they will be sharing important values."

Vidal pointed out the value in creating a community from a business standpoint was one of the key considerations in starting the network sharing. "As a firm you want to increase your network and develop relationships with other firms," he said.

"We want the firms to not only benefit from it but also to be an example to other firms because if they are happy with the network, they will go on and talk about it to their own networks and maybe convince them to join," he added.

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