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The basics of Youth Inclusion 1/5: What is exclusion and how can we support Youth inclusion?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Exclusion means situation in which Youth are at a social disadvantage in joining institutions, companies and organizations in their societies

Being excluded in the daily life means principally:

- experiencing poor living conditions housing, nutrition, clothing, safety...);

- suffering from health conditions (deriving from poor living standards);

- suffering from an emotional and psychological sense of exclusion;

- no/low access to education and restricted access to jobs

- no vision or perspectives of improvement for the future, as a direct consequence

Being excluded from the decent professional world, means between others:

- Discrimination based on (ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, language, status,...)

- Double discrimination based on behaviors, social codes, language, culture

- Lack of access to decent opportunities with its consequences: Lack of legal status, or permanent address leading to poor working conditions

The professional inclusion in the decent world is the game changer. During our YIN International Webinar, we had the chance to hear from Gerlie, former LP4Y Youth, currently working at EuroAsia Executive Search (EESI), one of our members in YIN Philippines.

Strong from her experience, the huge benefits and interests for all, Youth AND companies, Gerlie delivered a message to the Corporate world, hoping that other Youth will have the chance to show their talents and change their lives too.

A single opportunity can make a huge difference.

Be part of the change and see how Youth can create this difference with you.

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